As they would be seeded and stored on big 6GB usb hardrives in scattered around. I do not wont a centralised project... had anufe of ythem over the last 20 years, if a "normal" human being canot get involved close to the core the is something wrong

Show thread I like this one at its best and and hope it can be a antedote to projects like mastodon which try and shape behaver by strong branding which is a soft form of thinking pushed by types that has real human2human problems in my view.

Hundreds of alt tech projects wither at the vine, a very few flower. Thinking about this, a pretty universally accepted way of judging what might flower and what will wither, the other people call it open source development etc. Problem terms a teenage mix of arrogance and ignorance that is universal and a self interested pushing of greed over human need. Basic stuff that it's good to have an opinion on, definitely be a bad thing not to have an opinion on ;)

The are now flooding into projects. Reminder "closed" dues not work and "open" is hard to hold in place.

Common sense "closed" will be pushed on to the openweb reboot and "open" will be pushed aside leading to the reboot failing.

Please judge projects by the before pushing and supporting them to take a step to a positive outcome.