The is a uuspoken that we need to talk about. If you see as human2human or data2data in the first scaling issues are inherently a good virtue. The second you would be right scaling is an issue, but the thinking is anti human and is the one pushed by our we are all a part of thus a problem that we dont acturly wont to solve in projects. Talk to a geek today about this. I like this one at its best and and hope it can be a antedote to projects like mastodon which try and shape behaver by strong branding which is a soft form of thinking pushed by types that has real human2human problems in my view.

Hundreds of alt tech projects wither at the vine, a very few flower. Thinking about this, a pretty universally accepted way of judging what might flower and what will wither, the other people call it open source development etc. Problem terms a teenage mix of arrogance and ignorance that is universal and a self interested pushing of greed over human need. Basic stuff that it's good to have an opinion on, definitely be a bad thing not to have an opinion on ;)

Do you get the feeling that many people wont to step away from the if so a push of outreach might motivate a few of them.

OMN has core funding to run and scale these servers for two years so need push, push, push to grow the user base big anufe to make them self sustainable in this time.

The are always a bad choice, crap outcomes are the norm even in the most sounding one's. Slacks bait and switch

is about addiction not free will. You are driven towards madness by the

@the_en welcome to a small part of the to make this a good experience you need to follow 20-30 people so have a look at the federated time link and pick a few. Then do searches or click on and pick a few more.

Its a much better experience than the what are you interested in?