Thank you to everyone for supporting projects and spreading the word.
I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like , , , , , , , .

The is a uuspoken that we need to talk about. If you see as human2human or data2data in the first scaling issues are inherently a good virtue. The second you would be right scaling is an issue, but the thinking is anti human and is the one pushed by our we are all a part of thus a problem that we dont acturly wont to solve in projects. Talk to a geek today about this.

My selfhosted WP blog got taken out by a spike of trafic from a post on mastodon. The is going larg

The are always a bad choice, crap outcomes are the norm even in the most sounding one's. Slacks bait and switch

@the_en welcome to a small part of the to make this a good experience you need to follow 20-30 people so have a look at the federated time link and pick a few. Then do searches or click on and pick a few more.

Its a much better experience than the what are you interested in?

* A low power computer (raspberry pie, laptop, desktop)
* With a external usb HD
* Running a torrent app configured to pull the video files down and seed them ver RSS from the visionontv server.
* This can be rate limited depending on your internet connection to stop your ISP complaining.
* Then this is left online and dues its thing, you become a core part of the and OMN

We have to move 2000 videos with over 30 million views off the and onto the

Be a part of this.

Seeding video on the

We are the side of project based on in early/middle of April.

The idea is to run this as decentralized as possible, that is to only temporally store the large videos files on the central server and rely much more on seedboxes in peoples homes and business.

Am looking for a few people to help set these up and host them for the first roll-out.

Have people seen this

What do you think... looking for projects to host for activism and campaigners.

So the pointlessness of pushing goes now maybe we can move onto pushing

The are now flooding into projects. Reminder "closed" dues not work and "open" is hard to hold in place.

Common sense "closed" will be pushed on to the openweb reboot and "open" will be pushed aside leading to the reboot failing.

Please judge projects by the before pushing and supporting them to take a step to a positive outcome.