The, old idea did not work due to some part of peertube implementation.

the new idea, is a steping stone to the first idea.

Use something like installed on good brodband running on old laptop and big USB hardrive.

run peertube (and anything eles intresting) as a non publised network.

then used activertypub to bring the videos into our public server.

setup a few freedombone installs.

its not proper

the idea is that the network of seedboxes and scripting builds out as a commnerty. I DIY media by the peopule for the peopule.

yes would still be a central hub on to this "data couldron" but activertypub would have fedreated this out to anufe to be worth while.

The is a uuspoken that we need to talk about. If you see as human2human or data2data in the first scaling issues are inherently a good virtue. The second you would be right scaling is an issue, but the thinking is anti human and is the one pushed by our we are all a part of thus a problem that we dont acturly wont to solve in projects. Talk to a geek today about this.