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has done a good job making visible the of capitalism :)

When your doing outreach can you mention these actionaly: Spiky - and Fluffy - as part of the

That's exactly what it must not do, The labour policy is simple renegotiate a left brexit with EU, put this to a vote, if passes do it, if not revoke of course you would not understand any of this from the mainstream media

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1. create YT account
2. upload as many loooong videos as you can. Videos must feature many changes such as completely different scene and colour pallate in every frame to reduce how much video can be compressed
3. never switch on advertising or any monetisation for your channel
4. watch your videos often and get your friends to do the same.

Waste YT money and resources.

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We have this in the UK btw. It's called CTIRU, has filed over 250,000 removal requests without prior authorisation:

Why should we trust the government White Paper, suggesting outsourcing legal judgments to private companies, when it can't get this stuff right itself?

Governments give the message they don't care about due process, accuracy, oversight, accountability, free speech.

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On a complete separate note: is it just me or has the UK gone completely barmy re Internet policy?

Other countries have their problems but we seem to be doing particularly badly.

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Were our data goes. Of course the are backdoors into the data as well as the mediated front door they talk about here.

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Can we trust the porn industry with personal data?

Mindgeek owns the biggest product as well as the main porn sites.

It lost:

* 1 million customer records in 2012
* 800,000 customer records, card details in 2016
* Delivered three major malware ad attacks

Thank you to everyone for supporting projects and spreading the word.
I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like , , , , , , , .

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For real though, I don't get why anyone working in science in the 21st century would be anything other than anticapitalist. Or critical of it at the very least. It does nothing but make our lives difficult.

We're all constantly grovelling for funds. Important articles are hidden behind paywalls. We need to pay to get stuff published. And I'm so tired of hearing things like "yes we'd love to hire you, but we don't have any funding right now."

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Admin boosted its been around for a while, i like the idea, but am not sure about the implementation. Not seen anything real built on it? What is the of the developers, all code has world views, that's why its so hard to push out a project like as its a weak push against a strong flow...

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