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As they would be seeded and stored on big 6GB usb hardrives in scattered around. I do not wont a centralised project... had anufe of ythem over the last 20 years, if a "normal" human being canot get involved close to the core the is something wrong

my cureent thought.

BUT I dont have the old laptops any more to test this out... hummm... could get them I supose.

distribute the videos across the diffrent installs to give a little rubustness.

its crap, but will likly work and get the idea out there.

would also mean we could publish thousends of videos to

The, old idea did not work due to some part of peertube implementation.

the new idea, is a steping stone to the first idea.

Use something like installed on good brodband running on old laptop and big USB hardrive.

run peertube (and anything eles intresting) as a non publised network.

then used activertypub to bring the videos into our public server.

setup a few freedombone installs.

its not proper

could use one of the popcorn time apps on andoied to put a mobile front end on it etc.

the idea is that the network of seedboxes and scripting builds out as a commnerty. I DIY media by the peopule for the peopule.

yes would still be a central hub on to this "data couldron" but activertypub would have fedreated this out to anufe to be worth while.

the seeding was going tpo be commnerty lead... I was going to fund seedboxeds (old laptop with basic script to run torrent clinent, with a big USB hardrive) on a good home brodband line. had 3-4 locations organised and a pile of old laptops. BUT the software side failed.

Admin boosted Winter Narrowboating Adventures - West Heading out of central london west on the Grand Union Canal

We need to jump through some youtube bureaucracy to get our new boating video channel full unlocked.

* First hump we need 100 subscribers

* Second hump we need 4000 hours video views and 1000 subscribers.

Would be a good help if you could play the videos and hit the subscribe button

They are good videos and meany more to come.

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BREAKING: privacy complaint shows that the online ad industry has known all along that profiling plus massive data sharing does not comply with data protection laws: #fixadtech

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History tells us that we need our own distribution and this core to real outreach and effectiveness will not find at this event.

The is a wilfully hopeless in this group of people focus on . Part of a series of events that take space and obscure outcome. Rinse and repeat.

The are some good content being produced by alt media groups, but the tech focus is little more than wonabe mainstream.

Both sad and bad.

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